Canadian Buyers

We are Here To Serve Canada Imports. We are located approximately 60 miles South of the Canadian-US border!

Save thousands of Dollars? Then import your next previously owned vehicle.  We are located in Kalispell, Montana. The process of importing your vehicle from the US may sound difficult in the beginning, but our qualified sales team knows how to make the whole process easy and convenient.

As a Canadian customer you can expect to save between 20-40% on your vehicle purchase compared to the purchase of a similar model in Canada and that's a total saving even after paying your GST & PST taxes, fees and other costs. And since you're exporting the vehicle you do not have to pay any US sales tax or fees.
Canadian Purchase Frequently Asked Questions:

How many trips will I need to make ?
Just one: to pick your vehicle up. Twice if you would like to test drive and enjoy the beautiful Kalispell, MT area. Everything else is taken care of through phone, email and fax. We can handle all of the US paper work and provide you with all necessary documents to complete the Canadian paperwork when you return home.

What happens at the border?
Since we have already taken care of the US paperwork and provided you with the required documentation, crossing the Canadian-US border is a simple process.
Here is what to expect:

We prepare all of the required paperwork ahead of time. Once it has been prepared we will send the paperwork via fax to the Carway, Alberta border crossing where it must sit for 72 hours.

After the 72 hours has expired you are then able to pick-up your new vehicle from us. After completing some dealership paperwork you will leave in your vehicle with a 40 day temporary in-transit plate and temporary vehicle registration.

At the US border you will show the Customs Officer your photo ID (passport etc.) and paperwork. The customs officer will validate your ID and check the VIN# on your vehicle.

You will proceed to Canadian Customs where you will declare that you're importing a vehicle. They will take your paperwork and check your photo ID / driver's license.

Once they have confirmed you have proper ID (passport etc.) and paperwork in order you will be required to pay the taxes and fees associated with importing a vehicle into Canada. These will include:

$100 air conditioning

RIV fee $220

GST of 5% (Your PST will be paid when you go to register your vehicle)

A form is then completed which confirms title to the vehicle and confirms that you have paid the GST

What happens after the border?
At this point we have provided you with all of the necessary paper work to complete the vehicle import and registration process in Canada. Here is what you will need to do to complete the process:

You will need to fax the "Recall Clearance Letter" we provide you with to the RIV, once they have received the letter they will send you a vehicle inspection form.

You will go to your local Canadian Tire store to have the inspection done. It's a very quick process.

The last part of the process is to visit the Canadian DMV. They will check that you have the vehicle inspection form completed, calculate the PST provincial sales tax you will need to pay. After this has been completed you will be issued your license plate.

What are the Taxes and Fees I will have to pay?
There are a few taxes and fees you will need to pay in order to properly import your vehicle. Here is a break down of ALL taxes, fees and associated costs.

The sale price of your  vehicle.

$249 dealership documentation fee.

US Sales tax: N/A since you are exporting the vehicle out of the US you do not have to pay ANY US taxes.

Vehicles Manufactured in North America are Duty Free.

Vehicles Manufactured outside North America are subject to 6.1% duty on average.

All Vehicles are subject to the GST tax of 5%
All Vehicles with Air Conditioning are subject to $100 tax.

Provincial Sales Tax, PST.

Can I trade in my vehicle?
Since Canadian vehicles do not retain the same trade-in value in the US as they do in Canada, it is in your best interest to sell your vehicle locally. You will get more money for your vehicle this way.

Do I need a passport to cross the border?
For Canadian citizens, a passport issued by the Government of Canada, a valid trusted traveler program card or an EDL. U.S. and Canadian children under the age of 16 will be able to present a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship.

Thank you for your interest in our Dealership.


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